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Welcome to the Hultgren Lab

The Hultgren lab is a highly collaborative group using diverse techniques, both within the lab and with many distinguished outside basic science and clinical researchers.

We are blending multiple scientific disciplines to elucidate bacterial and host mechanisms that determine the onset, course and outcome of interactions between the host urinary tract and bacterial pathogens.

Our work is changing the way UTIs are evaluated, re-shaping models of bacterial infections in general, and spawning development of novel vaccines and anti-microbial therapeutics to diagnose, treat and prevent UTIs and their sequelae.

Opportunities in the Hultgren Lab

The Hultgren lab currently has opportunities for post-doctoral researchers to study the dynamic interplay between host-pathogen interactions critical in urinary tract infection and catheter-associated urinary tract infections. These studies involve metagenomic and metatranscriptomic analyses of the microbiota of women prone to recurrent UTI compared to healthy controls in an exciting new program researching the gut-bladder axis. There also are positions to study the structural basis by which molecular ushers catalyze the assembly of chaperone-usher pathway (CUP) pili. Finally, we are using knowledge gained from these studies to develop new vaccines and antibiotic-sparing therapies. Please apply by e-mail to